About the Victory Fund

Learn about our billboard process and find out answers to frequently asked questions.



Our billboard designs inform the public regarding the administration's accomplishments, the current events, and your suggestions.


Independent board owners are contacted and our campaigns are planned. The team reviews the designs and locations for clear messaging, strategic positioning, and easy reads.


Our boards run on crisp, high quality digital displays across the country. You can see some of our previous boards below.


Swing voters learn about key issues and ideas the mainstream media won't cover. Patriots see our messaging and help sponsor more boards across the country. We work together to keep America great!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the team behind the Victory Fund?

America First Victory Fund is run by young Christian conservatives in Palm Beach, Florida. We are not a think-tank, shadow corporation, or professional politicians. We are normal people concerned about tech censorship and for the future of our country.

Are donations tax deductible?

No, donations are not tax deductible. Tax deductible organizations are limited and must be issue oriented and candidate neutral. Our Super PAC is designed to re-elect President Trump.

What is a Super PAC? Are you affiliated with the Trump Campaign?

A Super PAC is an independent organization that exists to make expenditures in support of political campaigns. We are by law not affiliated with the Trump campaign. The FEC limits donations to official campaigns. Donations to Super PACs like America First Victory Fund are unlimited.

Our Billboard Process

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