Family First Billboard

Democrats are launching an all-out assault on the American family. It’s vital we put our families first.

Democrats attack American men. “Straight white male” is a common trope in the liberal playbook, a villain to their ideals because he might vote Republican. Democrats downplay the suffering of the American man, whether in opiate addiction, loss of employment, or distrust in the political system. Democrat politicians apologize for being American men to appease their radical donors.

Democrats attack American women. Women are openly encouraged by Democrats to never start a family, nor marry, nor do anything that might benefit themselves or the next generation. Women are told to adhere to hedonism and relish in the destruction of the unborn. Women are told to imitate men and objectify themselves. American women, especially liberal American women, have never been less happy and increasingly depend on antidepressants.

Democrats attack American children. Democrats are mandating sexual education for children in elementary schools across the country. Children are taught about masturbation and anal sex in third grade. Boys as young as seven are facing court orders that would lead to their chemical castration. Children as young as three are “transitioning” their sexual identities.

Democrats attack the American family as a whole. Americans, who do not reproduce at replacement levels already, are discouraged from having children “for the environment.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that “Illegal Immigrants act more American than citizens trying to keep them out.” Our identity and our future is being undermined at every turn. Foreign citizens and hostile values are valued over family.

This new progressive Democrat party is abhorrent. We must do everything we can to protect our families and our children.

We need an America First president to stay in office because our families cannot take a furtherance of this abuse.

We need Trump 2020!

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