Why Billboards?

Social media censorship and fake news has stifled the Republican Party over the past few years. Conservatives across all social media platforms are banned for expressing their beliefs. Our national billboard and visual media campaign is essential because legacy media cannot silence it. Through the use of billboards and visual media, our campaign will bring the "America First" message directly to the American people.

We believe that a Trump re-election in 2020 is imperative, as a Democratic victory would mean an attack on the civil liberties and freedoms of Americans. The Democratic Party's primary objective is government control of almost every aspect of American life.

We can ensure Trump’s re-election by targeting not only key states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida, but important industries and workers that will be ruined by Democratic labor policies. We plan to blanket these markets with our billboards, emphasizing important issues such as healthcare, immigration, and automation.

The only path to a Republican victory in 2020 is by acclimating to a rapidly changing political climate and using innovative advertising strategies. It's time for something bold and new.

America First!

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